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Coronavirus Disinfecting Services

Protecting you and your customers

24 HR service

100% Green Services

Our Electronic Spray Technology is hospital-grade, EPA N-List effective against COVID-19. 

We provide cleaning solutions that are 100% natural, safe and powerfully effective for facilities, from hospitals

to food production areas.


Electrochemically charged 100% Green particles surround and cover surfaces. Disinfectant is fabric, wood, metal, plastic safe. EPA Residential approved.

Food Safe USDA Approved 

EPA registered

Effective Covid-19 disinfectant

Chemical free

Frequency discounts 


Commercial Disinfecting

PPE is worn; Eye protection, Respirator, gloves, Tyvek, boot covers

Level of Service

Level 1

Disinfecting fogging

Level 2

Service Frequency

One-Time Disinfection

Recurring Disinfection (1x-5x a week)

Disinfection fogging with cleansing of high touchpoint surfaces (switch plates, door handles, bathroom handles, etc.)

Level 3

Fogging disinfection and wipe down all hard services.


Two step Disinfection with rinse on all prep equipment and utensils.

Fogging and wiping down of all hard surfaces. Freshwater rinse after disinfection for kitchens.


Vehicle Services

Emergency and Non-Emergency

Level 1

Opening all doors and trunk and fogging

Level 2

Fogging and wiping all hard touch point surfaces, entire dash area, doors and consoles

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