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  • Jon Trevillyan

A Brighter Sunroom

Posted on Aug 30, 2015

Don’t Neglect

Consistent care is the key to maintaining and prolonging the life of any piece of property—especially sunrooms! We recommend cleaning sunrooms at least twice a year, perhaps more often, if necessary. In addition to cleaning the glass regularly, do the following to keep your sunny getaway in beautiful condition:

1. Don’t let dirt build up around the frames of your sunroom glass.

2. Don’t let trees and shrubs grow over your sunroom ceiling.

3. Don’t let leaves and other debris build up between the juncture of your sunroom and your home’s siding.

Here’s Why:

1. If you skip cleaning the sunroom frames, dirt builds up against the edges of the frames, washing back onto the clean glass when it rains. Conversely, the sun will bake any residue onto the glass making it difficult to remove without leaving a stain.

2. Regularly clearing away shrubs and branches will keep pollen and sap from dirtying the sunroom ceiling. Hanging branches also invite your neighborhood birds to stop and take a rest—an even messier affair than pollen and tree sap!

3. When water stagnates on debris resting against your home, mold thrives. Removing leaves and sticks at this juncture can prevent damage not only to your home’s siding but also to the plywood, sheathing and insulation.

Give Us a Call

Bethany Associates specializes in cleaning sunrooms as well as other windows in your home. Additionally we offer professional cleaning for your siding, sidewalks, awnings, and more. Save yourself the hassle of setting up ladders and scaffolding to clean your sunroom and let our expertise make your favorite hangout spot bright all year long! Call us today for a free estimate at 888-601-4257.

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