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Ask the Technician

Posted on Jun 11, 2014

Jared Barton, a certified technician, talks about the proper care of decks.

How long has Bethany Associates been cleaning decks?

We have been cleaning decks for fifteen years. We are constantly keeping up with the latest technologies so we can better serve our customers.

How often should I get my deck cleaned?

That depends on a number of factors including the material of your deck. Wood decks are organic and more sensitive to the effects of the environment. Vinyl, however, is a composite material that repels molds and moisture more easily. Consider whether your deck is located on the sunny or shady side of the house since shadier areas encourage more mold growth. Lastly, note the amount of debris falling on your deck from shrubs and trees nearby. Some homeowners may need a cleaning every six months but most will only need their deck cleaned once a year.

How would caring for a wood deck differ from caring for a vinyl deck?

If you own a wood deck, it’s a good idea to have it stained. Retailers sell low-quality stains that are readily available to homeowners. Unfortunately, these stains don’t have a UV protectant and quickly deteriorate. Bethany Associates will coat decks with a high-grade sealant that has a good balance of water protection, UV protection and color-fastness.

Besides mold, are there any other signs of damage I should be aware of?

Mold is only one sign of damage on a deck. If you own a wood deck, you should be concerned about water and UV damage. I see more damage done from water and UV rays than from mold. This is why I recommend a high-grade stain for a homeowner’s deck.

Will my deck look better after a cleaning?

Yes, in most cases it will definitely look fresh and clean. While we won’t be able to undo damage from neglect, we can clean up the dirt and debris from the latest season. We recommend frequent cleanings in order to preserve the deck from unnecessary damage. Regular cleanings not only prolong the deck’s integrity but also keep it looking attractive.

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