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Getting the Most out of Your Service

Posted on March 11, 2022

Keeping it Clean Longer

You just had your home and business’ siding, sidewalks and windows cleaned. You’re happy with how your property looks but won’t be getting another service for at least another six months. What upkeep can you do to prolong the fresh look of a professional cleaning?

Easy Upkeep for Windows

Remove any screens not being used for ventilation. Dirt easily collects on window screens. In time, this dirt will be blown onto your windows during windy or rainy days.

Put away the paper towels and glass cleaners. Clean with water, microfiber towels and steel wool instead. To get a streak-free cleaning experience with any glass in your house, simply spray your windows or mirrors with water and rub them dry with a microfiber towel.

For tough spots use superfine wool (#0000). First be sure your windows aren’t tinted and then rub gently with superfine steel wool.

Easy Upkeep for Siding and Sidewalk

Keep your sidewalks and siding looking their best in between services by pruning and rinsing. Prune bushes or trees that hang over or against your home. Plants growing near or against a building provide perfect fodder for mold growth, whether from the decay of old plants or from the moisture provided by new growth.

Rinse away obvious dirt that is sitting on your siding or sidewalks. Perhaps your siding and sidewalks are extra dirty after a storm or new landscaping project. Take the time to rinse away any soil as soon as possible to discourage mold growth.

At Least Once a Year

Bethany Associates recommends having your home’s windows and siding professionally cleaned once to twice a year, depending on its location. Consistently cleaning your property’s windows, siding and sidewalks prevents unnecessary deterioration from stains and mold growth. Invest in the long-term care of your home with regular cleanings. Meanwhile prolong the freshness of professional window cleaning and pressure washing by using these easy upkeep tips.

Bethany Associates offers professional window cleaning, pressure washing, awning cleaning and more. Call us today for a free estimate at 888-601-4257 and we will be happy to serve you.

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