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How to Preserve Your Storefront Glass

Posted on Mar 5, 2014

Have you ever noticed the glass of a poorly kept storefront? It’s hard not to notice the dirt, fingerprints, and sometimes even severe pitting. If you are the owner, this is the last thing you want your customer to stop and stare at. Instead your glass could be an invitation to take a closer look at your merchandise. How do you, the owner, ensure this? Take a look at these tips for keeping your storefront glass looking its best.

1. Regular Maintenance

The best solution for keeping your windows in top condition is to have them regularly cleaned. Most of the issues you face in preserving your storefront glass can be taken care of by regular maintenance. Routine cleaning will keep your glass looking attractive and prevent long-term damage such as pitting by keeping mineral build-up off the surface of your window. This is particularly important during the winter months when salt-spray from snow removal builds up on the glass.

2. Your Sprinkler System

Make sure your sprinkler heads are directed away from any glass. The water sprayed onto your windows also contains minerals that are harmful if they are consistently left on the panes. These minerals will also eventually eat away and pit your glass.

3. Leaching

Have you ever noticed patches of white deposits staining the surface of brick, concrete and even some stone buildings? These deposits are the salts from masonry compounds that rise to the surface when moisture in the masonry is drawn out by the sun and wind. As with other forms of salt, this masonry residue is harmful to your windows if it leaches onto any windows beneath it. If you notice these white deposits above your windows, regularly clean your windows to keep the salts from staining your glass. For more aggressive solutions for mineral build up, Tim Carter from Ask the Builder offers some helpful tips on how to take care of Efflorescence on Masonry.

4. Broken Seals

Do some of your windows “fog”? You may have seen moisture as well as permanent “graying” in some of your double-glazed windows. In this case, you are seeing the results of a broken seal. The insulation of argon gas has escaped allowing air and moisture to take its place between the panes. There are many reasons for broken seals including poor installation, stress from temperature disparity on either side of the windows, and build up of moisture and debris from lack of maintenance. While regularly cleaning your windows will help in some cases, take a look at this article from the Seattle Times that offers insight on broken seals and how to best replace them.

At Bethany Associates, maintaining storefront glass is our speciality. We make reliable window-cleaning service our business not only for enhancing your customer’s commercial experience, but also for augmenting your property’s value. Call Bethany Associates today for a free window cleaning or power washing estimate and experience exceptional service.

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