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  • Jon Trevillyan

Is Bethany Associates an Insured Company?

Published November 28, 2012

Just How Important Is Insurance?

Hiring an insured company may be more important than you think. When it comes to taking risks on any work site, somebody is going to be liable. When an accident happens, will it be you the business or home-owner paying for someone else’s mistake?

It is true that many who hire uninsured companies are happy with the results and would do so again. But just how big of a gamble are you taking when engaging an uninsured contractor?

What are the Liabilities of not Hiring an Insured Contractor?

Imagine an employee of an uninsured company hurting himself or damaging your property while on the job. What could he do if his employer had no liability or workman’s compensation? In such cases, the employee could very well take legal action against you, putting your own policy at risk, especially if his employer sidestepped any responsibility by closing and opening under a new name. As an insured company, however, we take responsibility for any accidents that would damage you, your property, your customer, and even his property. 

What Other Advantages are There When Hiring an Insured Contractor?

Other consequent advantages of hiring an insured contractor include over-all quality and professionalism on the job. A company that is willing to pay extra for the well-being of its employees will most likely be taking the time and effort to ensure that a job is well done and completed to their customer’s satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

Bethany Associates is a fully insured company that guarantees its work. If for any reason you are not happy with our work, call us at 888-601-4257 and we will be happy to address any of your needs. Our priority is your satisfaction!

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