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  • Jon Trevillyan

Landscaping Against Mold and Termites

Posted on May 05, 2017

Mold and termites are two enemies you don’t want to mess with. You may have an airtight home, free of interior moisture or infestation. But don’t stop there. Protect your home’s siding and foundation from mold and termites by following these tips.

What Mold Wants

Mold will thrive when it as the right ingredients. Shade, mulch, organic debris and moisture are ideal for mold growth. Decaying wood, leaves, and moisture provide food, while shade protects algae from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

What Termites Want

Termites thrive on anything cellulose. Their anatomy allows them to digest this tough fiber that other insects pass by. Cellulose makes up so much of our home environment: everything from rough wood in our foundations to cotton curtains, trees and shrubs. The moisture and cellulose in mulch are the perfect habitat for termite larva. If these are near your home’s foundation, you have a nursery ready-made for any termite guests.

Hardscape Around the Home

The best landscaping around a home defies mold and termites. This includes hardscaping like river rocks, pavers, and potted plants. Cypress or pine bark and natural ground covers like ivy or periwinkle are also great options. These don’t carry enough moisture for fungus or larvae to survive long. When planting ornamental trees or bushes, pick something that creates a dry environment around your home. This will discourage mold and termites.

Prevent and Maintain

Many siding companies claim that their product is “maintenance free.” This is simply not true. Anything subject to time and the elements needs maintenance. Maintain your home’s siding by keeping mold at bay and regularly cleaning. Clean siding once to twice a year depending on its location. A well-shaded home may need more cleaning than a home in a sunnier location.

Hire a Professional

We recommend hiring a professional for cleaning your home. An inexperienced enthusiast could cause wood rot by shooting water underneath the home’s siding. A professional company will give you the quality of work you are looking for, plus the guarantees.

Bethany Associates offers professional pressure washing, window washing, awning cleaning and more. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped to clean your home’s siding and keep it looking its best year round. Call us today at 888-601-4257 for a free estimate and we will be happy to serve you!

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