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  • Jon Trevillyan

Making Safety Our Priority

Published Oct 30, 2013

According to OSHA, “Approximately 6,000 US employees are dying from workplace injuries every year.” No doubt maintaining safety standards in the workplace is well worth the investment.

At Bethany Associates, we regularly educate our employees by demonstrating the latest OSHA standards. Our commitment to training and safety ensures a safe working environment for our employees and adds value to our cleaning services.

Since ladders are one our our most common tools used on the job, we regularly inspect their integrity and ensure their stability before using them. Additionally, we practice simple habits of proper ascent and descent that keep our employees safe while quickly and effectively finishing the job.

Safe handling and use of chemicals is another way we keep our employees safe. Properly storing them in transport to a job and taking precautions with personal protection equipment are two of many ways we create a safe work environment.

Our focus on safety even extends to our driving habits. We require our key drivers take an eight-hour, state-certified driving safety course. Honing and sharpening their safety skills for the road has helped our employees quickly and safely navigate their routes while serving our customers in a timely fashion.

Because there is risk for accidents on any job, we believe regular safety education goes a long way in mitigating potential hazards and ensuring a job is well done. For further reading, check out“Is Bethany an Insured Company?”

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