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Soft Wash: What It Is and When To Use It

Posted on October 4, 2013

Soft Wash V. Pressure Washing

Homeowner: I’ve seen my neighbors getting their house cleaned regularly but am not exactly sure what method they are using. What’s the difference between soft wash and pressure washing?

Bethany Associates:The process and techniques of soft wash and pressure washing are fairly similar. The main difference, however, is that soft wash cleans primarily using chemicals instead of pressure.

When To Soft Wash

Homeowner: I’ve heard that I can damage my house if I get it pressure washed. Is this true? Should I soft wash instead?

Bethany Associates: Damage is possible only when the technician cleaning your house isn’t familiar with the kind of surface he is cleaning. An experienced technician knows that homes with vinyl or aluminum siding can be cleaned using pressure. If the home or business has Dryvit, EIFS, sandstone, stucco or a mortared-brick finish, he will use a soft wash since the point work on these sidings may get damaged when pressure washed. Similarly, a technician would soft wash a roof as the granules of the shingles are damaged under pressure, shortening the lifespan of the roof.

Risks In Neglect

Homeowner: Are there risks in not regularly cleaning my house?

Bethany Associates: Yes. The dirt you see on your house is primarily mold. Molds feed off of painted surfaces, which if neglected, could create costly damage. Some houses require a paint job even after a cleaning since mold has eaten so much of the old paint. Regular services keep your house looking its best while saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Our Services

Homeowner: Why would I call Bethany Associates for this service?

Bethany Associates: We recommend our technicians because they are educated on all the various substrates and have been trained how to clean each particular finish. Each one of our mobile washing units is set up for a variety of substrates, ready to meet any of your cleaning needs. Since we have cleaned both commercial and residential property for many years, we have become proficient in making each surface look its best.

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