• Jon Trevillyan

Spring Spruce Up

Posted on Mar 28, 2015

The dirt and salt from winter storms are still clinging to your business’s windows and sidewalks. Reflect the freshness of spring in your storefront by maintaining your windows, awnings, and sidewalks and invite your patrons to freshly cleaned premises.

Protect your building’s facade from the corrosive effects of salt by removing salt spray from your storefront as soon as possible. Salt oxidizes metal fixtures and corrodes windows and awnings. Sidewalks break down when salt water melts and freezes in the cements pores, creating cracks and fissures in the cement after water expands and contracts.

Regular maintenance is one great way to preserve your assets.Bethany Associates provides professional cleaning services that can make maintaining your property easy for you. We are fully equipped and trained to clean windows, awnings, driveways, sidewalks and much more! Call us today at 888-601-4257 for a free estimate and we will be happy to serve you.

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