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  • Jon Trevillyan

Summer Home Maintenance

Posted August 12, 2016

Take advantage of the summer’s milder weather and longer daylight hours to give your home a yearly check-up. Inspecting your home once a year can help you avoid costly repairs mid-winter and keep your home looking its best.

Top to Bottom

  • Check your roof for any missing shingles or metal fascia. Be sure to clean out your gutters to keep rain water flowing.

  • Check your decks, patios and porches for anything loose, sagging or broken.

  • Look for dirt or mold on your windows and siding. Clean these at least once a year to prolong their lifespan and make your home shine.

  • Check the lawn’s sprinkler system. Make sure it is watering just the grass and not your home’s windows and siding. Continually exposing your home to water produces mold and hard water stains on your siding and windows.

  • Check your home’s crawl spaces for easy access entries for critters. Sealing these off before winter will save you the hassle of having to evict mice, squirrels and even raccoons during the colder months.

Maintain to Prolong

Homes sustain a lot of wear and tear within the year. Inspecting your home once year for damages can spot a problem early on. This saves time and money spent on costly repairs.

Do you need professional maintenance solutions? Bethany Associates offers professional window cleaning and pressure washing services that can help you keep dirt and mold in check. Call us today for a free estimate and we will be happy to help you keep your property looking its best.

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