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  • Jon Trevillyan

Taking Care of Broken Seals

Posted on Mar 14, 2014

How Do I Identify a Broken Seal?

Do some of your windows fog or condensate? Perhaps they aren’t hazy all the time but seem to consistently fog at certain times of the day. If your windows are double glazed and displaying moisture and fog, you are most likely looking at a broken seal. The windows in these pictures are clean but the broken seals leave a good portion of the panes looking white and hazy.

What Causes a Seal to Fail?

Double and triple-glazed windows usually contain argon gas between the windowpanes. Together, these insulate the house. Most modern window seals have a life span of approximately thirty years. However, applying too much heat or pressure around the window frame (as when using a heat gun) may break a seal. Seals also break from neglect as dirt and debris build up over time. The insulating gas escapes and air and moisture take its place making the window look “foggy.”

What Can I Do About It?

The best way to take care of a broken seal is to ask a local glass company to replace the valve and seal. They can remove the moisture from between the panes and reseal the window, saving you the cost and trouble of replacing the entire window.

By keeping the dust and debris off your windows, at either your home or business, you can prevent your seals from breaking prematurely. Regular window cleaning is one of the services Bethany Associates offers. Not only will this keep your property clean and attractive, but it can save you money. Call us today for a free estimate or take a look at the other services we offer, including power washing, awning cleaning and soft wash.

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