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  • Jon Trevillyan

What You Can Expect When We Clean Your Home

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

At Bethany Associates we make professional window cleaning and pressure washing our business. When you hire us to clean your home’s windows, siding, sidewalks and more we strive for your satisfaction in all our work. Here’s what to expect when we show up to clean your home:

1. We will introduce ourselves.

2. We will confirm the service notes such as the window count and pressure washing details of the job.

3. We will tell you how we are going to do the job: starting on the inside and working out, etc. to confirm if this works for you and your schedule.

4. We will ask you if there is any part of the job that needs special attention. For example, you might have a stubborn stain on your siding, windows or driveway that you want to make us aware of.

5. We will clean the siding, windows, etc. with minimal disruptions.

6. We will make sure fragile items are out of the work zone and remove our shoes when inside to keep the flooring clean.

7. We will bring your attention to any problems on the job and resolve them to your satisfaction.

8. When we finish the job, we will ask you to rate our work with a quick survey sheet.

Interested in professional cleaning services that include window washing, pressure washing and awning cleaning? At Bethany Associates we are fully trained and equipped to meet these needs and many more! Call us today at 888-601-4257 for a free estimate and we will be happy to serve you.

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