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Winterize Your Home

Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Before the cold weather sets in, take time to winterize your home and protect it from the elements headed your way. You’ll enjoy the sight of sparkling snow-drifts from the coziness of your living room while spending less time skidding on ice, fixing leaks and throwing money (in the form of heat) out your drafty windows.

Defeat the Drafts

Your first line of defense against the cold is addressing your doors and windows. Are they as airtight as they can be? First install any storm doors and windows that you stashed during the warm months. If you don’t have these, you still have other lines of defense against the cold. Caulk any gaps around the frames. Use weatherstripping on any exterior doors.

If you are still fighting drafts, use a window insulation kit for any drafty windows. The plastic is surprisingly easy to install. Once it is tightly taped onto the sills, use a blow dryer to melt and shrink any remaining wrinkles in the plastic. You will still have a great vista from your window!

But what can you do to stop drafts coming from the hallway and into the bedroom? Use or make your own draft stopper to block the cold at night. These long, skinny “pillows” are very effective in blocking drafts and are cute and decorative!

Prep the Roof and Gutters

Take time to inspect your roof and gutters before the winter precipitation hits hard. Replace any worn out flashing and shingles. Clean out the gutter and make sure water flows out and away from your home. Take this time to cut back trees and bushes that hang over your roof. Regularly trimming your trees will keep branches from landing on your roof and foliage from clogging your gutters.

Inspect your rooftop and save yourself the hassle of fixing leaks midwinter. If you aren’t a professional roofer, hire someone to inspect your roof. A roof’s height, angles and slickness make it a dangerous place to work.

Seal the Deck, Stash the Hoses

Don’t let water sit in your hoses during the winter. The water will freeze and expand, causing the hose to crack and break. Turn off your outside water valves, empty the hoses and store them in a dry place until spring.

Give your deck a good coat of sealant to protect it in the winter. Heavy weather can make your deck wood split and crack if left unprotected from constant moisture. If you have a new pressure-treated deck, wait until its chemicals have dried (6 months to 1 year) before applying any stains or sealant. Next, have it cleaned. A surprising amount of mold, grease, and sap discolor wood in a short period of time. Once the deck is pressure-washed, it will be ready for any stain or sealant.

Protect and Prolong Your Property

Bethany Associates provides professional window cleaning, pressure washing, awning cleaning, and gutter cleaning. For more than twenty years we’ve helped customers keep their homes and businesses looking their best.

We recommend regularly cleaning your windows, gutters and decking to keep dirt at a minimum. Accumulated dirt and mold damages your property, staining and breaking it down prematurely. For example, salt and other natural minerals accumulate on glass, pitting and staining it when left on too long. Similarly, wood and siding harbor various molds, especially if they are on the shady side of the home.

Are you looking for solutions for maintaining clean windows, siding and decking? Our professional services will keep the mold, dirt and stains at bay, protecting your property while making it look its best year-round. Put your mind at ease by letting us help you take care of one more to-do on your checklist. This holiday season, enjoy inviting family and friends over to a beautiful, clean home. Call us today for a free estimate at 888-601-4257 and we will be happy to serve you!

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